The following tours in the Silent Heroes Memorial Center are designed for adults or students (8th grade and up).

A tour lasts 60, 90, or 120 minutes.

Due to space restrictions tour groups are generally limited to a maximum size of thirty. Larger groups can be accommodated by prior arrangement.

General tour

The history of the Silent Heroes Memorial Center and the extent of rescue attempts in Germany during the Second World War are outlined. The media table and nine display cases introduce the diverse ways in which people helped persecuted Jews. Not only is the risk this meant for all involved discussed, but also the motives of the helpers. Numerous research stations are also available for visitors to search the database for specific names and places. 

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Themed tours

Two themed tours are presently available for booking.
Tours with another focus can also be arranged on request.

Rescuers in Uniform

After an introduction on the subject of rescue attempts by and assistance for Jews, the focus of this tour is on members of the Wehrmacht who supported Jews—largely in the occupied countries of Eastern Europe. The particular circumstances of and the punishment for these actions, as well as the different types of support by “rescuers in uniform” are presented.

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Jewish women and female helpers

This tour focuses on women. After looking at the conditions of going into hiding and the rescue attempts, individual female helpers are introduced, who stood by the Jews for very different reasons. Both the particular dangers of going into hiding that faced Jewish women with children, and the situation of helpers with children will be examined.

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