The Silent Heroes Memorial Center

commemorates those people who supported persecuted Jews during the Nazi dictatorship. The example set by these helpers– often referred to as "silent heroes"–shows that there was in fact leeway for maneuvering to help people at risk in Nazi Germany and in the German-occupied territories.
The permanent exhibition presents information about the persecution and plight of Jews facing imminent deportation, about how some of them decided to resist the threat to their lives by going underground, and about the actions and motivations of the men and women who helped them. Not only successful rescues are documented, but also failed attempts.



For health reasons, the Silent Heroes Memorial Center is currently closed for visitors until further notice. Our events, guided tours, and seminars are also cancelled.
We very much regret the closure and apologize for any inconvenience.

To prevent infection on the basis of Robert Koch Institute guidelines and the corresponding rulings of the Senate Department of Culture and Europe, the German Resistance Memorial Center's administration and staff are on restricted availability for the time being. This may mean some delays in responding to enquiries.

For more information on the closure of cultural institutions operated by the City of Berlin, please see the press release from the Senate Department of Culture and Europe (German only).

A view of the new permanent exhibition
A view of the new permanent exhibition

Silent Heroes Memorial Center
in the German Resistance Memorial Center Foundation
Stauffenbergstraße 13-14
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