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Dr. Karoline Georg
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Topics “Rescue Attempts”, “Biographies” and “Topics”

Dr. Marta Ansilewska-Lehnstaedt
Iva Arakchiyska M.A.
Uta Fröhlich M.A.
Iris Hax M.A.
Dr. Karoline Georg
Dr. Andrea Heubach
Dr. Claudia Schoppmann
Taina Sivonen
Dr. Stefanie Steinbach
Prof. Dr. Johannes Tuchel

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Dipl.-Museol. Susanne Brömel
Eva Leube M.A.

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Allison Brown
Katy Derbyshire

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Ginger A. Diekmann
(Topic “Rescue Attempts” and “Topics”)

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Lehmann & Werder Museumsmedien

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