Online Seminars

The Silent Heroes Memorial Center offers online seminars for a range of participants. Seminars can be targeted at school pupils from the age of 13 or German 8th grade, students, army groups, multipliers, and all other groups of young people and adults.

We recommend that online seminar participants have prior knowledge of the National Socialist persecution of the Jews.

During the online seminars, participants use biographical case studies to examine the conditions of living in hiding and helping persecuted people.

The focus is on the questions of how and why people resisted the National Socialist persecution of the Jews, and what scope they had to do so under the conditions of dictatorship and war.

The seminar leader builds on participants’ previous knowledge for the online seminar. Interactive and participative elements encourage dialog. The online seminars work with various media content, including historical photos.

If you are interested in a Silent Heroes Memorial Center online seminar, please email We will be happy to discuss your questions and the technical details in person. Please register at least six weeks before the desired date of the online seminar. Participation in online seminars is free of charge.

Our online seminars last approx. 75 minutes. Other seminar lengths are possible by arrangement. Feel free to contact us with enquiries. For well-prepared school pupils aged 17 to 19 or for students, for example, we offer an expert interview (length: 40 min.), in which the participants can talk to Silent Heroes Memorial Center staff via Jitsi Meet.

Technical note
For data protection and data security reasons, we use the video conference software Jitsi Meet for our online seminars. You do not need your own Jitsi Meet account to take part in our online seminars, only a stable internet connection and the access data, which you will receive from us in advance of your booked appointment. The access data contains a link with which you can join the booked online seminar from your PC, laptop, tablet or cellphone. Please note that a Chromium-based browser is required to use Jitsi Meet.

The online seminars can be held flexibly in various learning settings:

  • Variant 1: As online seminars using a laptop and projector in classrooms, seminar rooms, etc.
  • Variant 2: As online seminars using multiple devices, without participant presence in a seminar room, class room, etc.

(For more detail on the technical requirements and procedures, see the “Technical Guidelines”)

Content focus
The online seminars use specific examples to examine resistance against the National Socialist persecution of Jews in Europe. Jews and helpers are identified as active participants of the resistance who made decisions that required courage. The seminars also illustrate that only few people were willing to help.

With reference to the permanent exhibition, participants will also have the opportunity to select one of the following focus areas to examine in greater depth:

  • Aid networks
  • Hidden in Berlin
  • Help for children and young people
  • Women in the resistance against the National Socialist persecution of the Jews
  • Helpers in uniform

We are also happy to prepare other focus areas by arrangement.

In our online seminars for multipliers, we present the Silent Heroes Memorial Center as a place of learning, including its educational and online programs. The seminars present and discuss case studies that may appeal to young people in particular. They also offer an opportunity to discuss teaching experiences with other multipliers.

All online seminars are available in German or English.

Feel free to contact us by email for individual advice on the online seminars. You are also welcome to make a telephone appointment.