Silent Heroes Memorial Center
Resistance to Persecution of the Jews in Europe, 1933–1945
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Edited by German Resistance Memorial Center
Translated by Allison Brown, 2020 (344 pages)
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Franz Michalski
When the Gestapo Rang the Doorbell...
A "Mixed Marriage" Family and their Helpers
Epilogue by Barbara Schieb
Translated by Peter Michalski and Milena Michalski
Berlin 2017, 97 pp. with numerous illustrations
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Inge Deutschkron
We survived. Berlin Jews Underground
Translated by Katy Derbyshire
1st edition 2008, 43 pp.
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Ralph Neuman
Memories from my Early Life in Germany 1926–1946
1st edition 2006, 48 pp.
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Ilse Rewald
Berliners Who Helped Us to Survive the Hitler Dictatorship
Edited by the German Resistance Memorial Center
Translated by Hanna Silver
1st edition 1990, 13 pp.
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